Natural Remedies to Cure Leucorrhoea or White Discharge

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Leucorrhoea or white discharge is a medical which describe a condition where women experience a thick white color discharge from the vagina. Though, vaginal discharge is vital for proper maintenance of good genital health, frequent changes in discharge need medical care to prevent infections. Normal vaginal discharge is clear and odorless whereas Leucorrhea or white discharge is often thick and accompanied by foul odor. 

Symptoms of Leucorrhea

Symptoms of leucorrhea vary from women to women. Though some common leucorrhea or white discharge symptoms include:


        •Whitish or yellowish discharge from the vagina

        •Frothy and foul smelling discharge

        •Pain in the calves and lumbar region

        •Lethargy and weakness

        •Heaviness in the abdominal region

        •Vaginal itching

        •Frequent headaches

        •Digestive problems


        •Black patches on the skin under the eyes

        •Spotting on the underwear

Causes of Leucorrhea

The toxic condition of the female genital system is called leucorrhea. It may affect one or more organs of the female reproductive system. Some of the causes of leucorrhea include:

        • Cervicitis

        •Improper lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits

        •Hormonal imbalances

        •Poor genital hygiene

        •Genital wounds 

        •Bacterial and fungal infections


        •Stress and anxiety


Apart of anti-bacterial treatment, leucorrhea can also be cured using ayurvedic medicines, different exercises and following tips of yoga. 


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