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Ayurveda is science of life which not only treat your disease but also helps you to stay healthy. In summer season pitta dosha aggravates in human body . Pitta is the element that governs metabolism and transformation in body including digestion. Signs of excess pitta are heartburn, excessive body heat, sweating, skin rashes,acne ,acidity, peptic ulcer, irritability and anger.

                There are simple things which you can do to pacify pitta that will help you enjoy summer more and ensure that excess heat doesn't create imbalance in mind and body.

Attribute of pitta dosha is hot,light and dry. So during summer we have to stay focus on food that are cool,moist,heavy and oily.

Drinks to take during summer:-

·         buttermilk is good to keep you hydrated.

·         coconut water

·         green tea made by liquorice, mint and peppermint

·         keri panha/aam panha (boil unriped mango then take pulp out of it and add some sugar or jaggery then take this with cold water)

·         cold milk mix with rose petals and cardamom seed

·         rose sharbat

·         brahmi sharbat

·         khus sharbat


Massages and excersise:-

Oil massage with chandan powder and coconut oil helps your skin nourished and cool.light excersise like swimming is good.

Stay relaxed :-

One should stay relax during summer because more work pressure will aggravate pitta dosa.so its time to plan your summer vacations.


Medicines that helps you to stay cool:-

·         Chandansasva

·         Useerasava

·         Gulkand

·         Haritaki with guda( jaggery)

·         Neem juice to pure blood


So let's keep ourselves healthy and enjoy summer at its full..........

Stay happy and healthy


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Kamal Sinha4 yrs ago

Wow ! Such a Nice Information . Thanks for sharing

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