Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles or Hemorrhoids - Causes, Symptoms, Diet, Yoga, Tips

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Piles or Hemorrhoids are often starting to be occurring more commonly in middle aged and older persons. Basically, Hemorrhoids are two different types depending upon their internal and external location.

Internal hemorrhoids – internal Hemorrhoids are to be found above the dentate line of the rectum and cannot be felt.

External hemorrhoids - External hemorrhoids are usually very painful and they occur below the dentate line. Piles are located on the skin in the order of the anus. To know the reasons of hemorrhoids, a detailed history and medical examination is required to be taken by a health expert.

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Causes of Hemorrhoids /Piles - It is straining during evacuating the bowels, is the major reason behind development of hemorrhoids and piles. There are many causes of Hemorrhoids/ Piles some listed below.

·        Conditions which causes increased pressure on vein around anus

·        Chronic constipation

·        Diarrhoea

·        People with long sitting hour jobs are prone to piles

·        During pregnancy due to weight of foetus

·        Excessive use of oily spicy and junk food

·        Family history of Piles


Symptoms of Hemorrhoids /Piles – There are many Symptoms of Hemorrhoids/ Piles some listed below.

·        Pain

·        Swelling

·        Itching

·        Bleeding through anus


Diet Recommended for Hemorrhoids / Piles - There are many Diets for

Hemorrhoids/ Piles some listed below.

·        One should avoid potato,brinjal,cauliflower.

·        One should aviod maida nonveg

·        One should avoid heat producing items


Tips Recommended for Hemorrhoids / Piles - There are many Tips for

Hemorrhoids/ Piles some listed below.

·        Bowel should be cleaned regularly

·        Avoid hporse ridingor sitting on hard seat

·        Drink lot of water

·        Exercise


However, there are many other reasons that may increase from the condition. Some of them are listed below.

·        Untreated conditions- delay in the treatment of certain disorders and gastrointestinal system like, diarrhea, dysentery, colitis etc, can be linked to the formation of piles.

·        Pregnancy- Pregnancy hemorrhoids are getting common, and this is generally possibly due to strain on the rectal wall during childbirth.

·        Genetic constitution - A family history of Piles could put a person suffering from the condition.

·        Sedentary lifestyle- Infect, many reason that lack of physical activity may be one of the major reasons for the increase in Piles-affected people today.

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